A Weekly House Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To

You should keep your house clean. It is something that you have learned from your parents since childhood. There is also a societal pressure that your house should be well kept. But what happens when you don’t feel like doing it? Does it matter if you don’t keep your home clean? 

Research-backed with scientific evidence has shown that having a clean home has health benefits and positively impacts your mental health.

Conversely, when your home is disorganized or dirty, it affects the physical and psychological wellbeing. But at times, keeping the house clean and sticking to the cleaning schedule feels like the most challenging task in the world. 

One way to ensure that you maintain the house’s cleaning is to come up with a schedule, a simple plan, where you divide the task throughout the week.

Develop a less daunting schedule to maintain your house but a detailed one. A cleaning list for the house should also pay attention you generally don’t think about.  

One of the simple reason is that you should consider having a detailed cleaning of the house and schedule it too because it does impact your psychological wellbeing.

How house cleanliness can affect your mental health

Researchers are now being backed with increasing evidence that a messy home affects both mental and physical health. A cluttered and unkept home can cause stress and anxiety and make you susceptible to flu, colds and allergies. 

Mindfulness published an article’ Washing dishes to wash dish the dishes: Brief instruction in an informal mindfulness practice’. It reported that out of the 27% of the study participants had reduced nervousness, they mindfully tried to smell the washing liquid.

While following the same chores, 25% of respondents reported better mental inspiration to do what they were doing. 

Studied have also reported in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that a cluttered home increases uncertainty and tension. The reason is it overstimulates the senses as it is a display of an unfinished business at home.

An unkempt home will impact your ability to concentrate and reduce your focus to complete other works. 

A clean house will impact the mental state, which eventually has a positive effect on physical health. Some of the benefits other than keeping the focus and concentration by keeping the house spic and span are:

  • Endorphin Boost: 
  • A fragrant home = feeling of happiness
  • Improves your sleep
  • Enjoy a sense of achievement
  • Stay fit by burning up to 102 calories with light household work

Bearing these in mind, now would you like to enjoy some easy way to maintain your uncluttered house? The first step is to develop a cleaning schedule. 

How do I do a weekly cleaning schedule?

When you want to have a clean house, it is essential that you clean it every day, rather than playing catchup with the cleaning, or when you cannot stay in that clutter anymore. 

Now that you know why you should have a cleaning checklist, here are 7 simple steps to create that weekly list.

  1. Determining the length of the schedule
  2. Make a list of everything that you think needs cleaning.
  3. Determine each item’s frequency on the list that needs to be cleaned, e.g. bathroom needs to be cleaned every week, while a guest room that no one uses can be cleaned once every month. 
  4. Assign a specific task to be tackled each day of the week. If you want to take a day off each week, that is also alright, but plan the list accordingly.
  5. Determine the right person for the task, if you have someone to share it with, for example, if your partner loves to cook, let him/her do that while you clean the bathroom or vacuum if you like to do that. 
  6. Writing the list down will allow you to tick off as you keep doing them. Instead of handwriting it each time, gets an electronic template, so you save it and print it out each time. 
  7. The most challenging step of it all, stick to the plan. It is challenging, but decide to motivate yourself somehow. For example, keep a jar and put a dollar for every task that you do not do as per the list. 

In case you fall behind the list, don’t panic, you can squeeze in that work the next day. There is also another option of you doing it when the chore comes up on the list again. 

What cleaning should be done weekly?

Life would be way more straightforward when you know how to tackle the chores and keep the house tidy when you know which area or item you need to clean and how often. Here is a manageable list of the places and things you need to clean every day and every week. 


  • Make your bed
  • Clean the coffeemaker or teamaker
  • Clean the dirty dishes
  • Take the rubbish out
  • Wipe the dining table and kitchen counter
  • Sanitize the bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Swipe the kitchen floors
  • Wipe the bathroom countertops

Every Week

  • Vacuum the floors and furniture, floor and carpets
  • Scrub the bathroom surfaces
  • Clean the toilet and shower area, in case you use bathtub clean that too
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Wipe all the kitchen appliances
  • Clean the microwave and oven if you use it
  • Get rid of the expired food
  • Change bedding
  • Do your laundry
  • Sanitize your sponges and the washing clothes
  • Iron your clothes

When you adhere to the chores list, you will get mental satisfaction and be happy to live in a clutter-free home.  

Weekly cleaning schedule for working moms

Maintaining a clean home is a challenge, and it is even more daunting if you are a working mom. Having a schedule for each day and every week will make it a bit easier for you. 

Everyday Cleaning List

  • Before going to work, make the bed 
  • Clean the sink every time after using it
  • Load the dishwasher with dirty plates after dinner
  • Sweep one room every day in the evening
  • Clean the toilet after using it at the end of the day
  • Declutter the house every day for 15 minutes before going to bed

Weekly Routine

  • Day 1: Change the bedsheets of the beds that are used regularly
  • Day 2: Do the laundry
  • Day 3: Dusting the house’s counters, furniture, shelves and tops
  • Day 4: Clean the bathroom and toilet
  • Day 5: Clean the kitchen appliances
  • Day 6: Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Following this routine will give you a day off to relax too. 


Having a cleaning schedule will allow you to avoid procrastinating where keeping the house clean is an issue. It is also an effective way to ensure that your home is uncluttered, the chores are evenly spaced out, so you do not have to undertake frantic cleaning.