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Latest News

As many of you may have read Australia Post have recently increased their domestic pricing by around 30%. As such we regrettably are forced to increase some of our own prices for the first time since we have been providing these products to loyal, environmentally conscious Australian consumers. The good news is that we have been able to limit these increases to soapnut powder and the soapnut sample size. All other soapnut products are at the same price as when Soap in a Nutshell became the first ever Australian based soapnut distributor back in 2007. 

So more than ever Soap in a Nutshell can help you to manage your household budget while protecting our beautiful environment - did you know that a 1Kg bag works out at around 12c per wash?!!

You can make even more savings by grouping together with some friends and buying in bulk.

Contact us if you are interested in bulk rates for 5Kg+


Nutty Distributors: Soap in a Nutshell distributors are springing up all over Australia! If you're interested in helping us spread these natural wonders across the country please contact us today ... in a nutshell it's a fantastic opportunity! Even in these tougher times there are still lots of opportunities with Soap in a Nutshell. 


Soapnut Powder is now available!! You can buy online today!


Did you know that to date Soap in a Nutshell soapnuts have helped you deliver over 2 million cleaner greener washloads!!! Just imagine the positive impact that has had on the environment compared with standard detergents! We couldn't have done it without you so congratulations to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone!....


Introducing Soapnuts

A washing detergent that grows on trees…literally - soapnuts are an environmentally friendly sustainably produced (naturally subdried), bio-degradable and compostable way of cleaning your laundry. 

Grown wild in India, for centuries these nuts (sapindus mukorossi) have been used for many purposes including removing tarnish from jewellery and treating all sorts of ailments from contaminated soil to migraines to epilepsy. They are most widely recognised as being an effective and environmentally friendly natural detergent however can  be used for a whole host of other uses - see our soapnut recipes page for details.

They are increasingly popular in Europe and the US, and Soap in a Nutshell are the first to bring these natural wonders in both their natural form and in pure 100% soapnut powder direct from our specially selected Indian harvesters to environmentally aware Australians.


How do they work?

The nuts contain the active natural washing ingredient saponin. Similar to soap, when the shells of the soapnut come in contact with water the saponin is released and suds are produced - these are excellent for cleaning laundry and leaving it beautifully soft. 

They are especially good for colours: because they don’t contain any whiteners or brighteners your colours will stay coloured for longer. Just pop 6-8 shells into a cotton bag (provided) and place in your washing machine. 

They clean effectively however will not fragrance your laundry. If you prefer a fragrance use a couple of drops of essential oils either directly onto the nuts or in the dispenser drawer (front load). 

The nuts can be used for 4-6 consecutive loads and then disposed either in the compost bin or normal bin. Because the soap nuts leave your laundry so soft there is no need to include softeners.

Soapnut Powder works just like other laundry powder - pop it into the drawer of your front loader or add to top loaders after water and voila!...Clean, environmentally friendly laundry!

Finally because your laundry water will only contain pure natural ingredients compared to traditional detergents, it can much more usefully be reused as grey water to reduce water consumption (your garden and plants will thank you as well!)


Soap in a Nutshell home|Order soapnut products online|Soapnut faq|Soapnut Recipes|Soapnut testimonials|More green cleaning tips|about Soap in a Nutshell|Stockists and other links|contact Soap in a Nutshell
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